Celebrate the 150th in sobriety?

In 1968, the General Council of the time asked the question: “how to celebrate the Centenary of our Society”. We excluded a hulde zitting (tribute session) in Rome, expensive and without a future. The suggestion of Fr. Robert Chaput (always “down to earth!”) was chosen: give each confrere 5 dollars to celebrate the centenary in his community! I recall this fact which could inspire the current General Council to do something similar. It would cost less than in 1968, since our number has declined considerably!

Just a souvenir sent with my best regards!

Waly Neven, survivor of the council 67-81.

Webmaster’s note: Inflation must be taken into account! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices in 2017 are 603.4% higher than prices in 1968. Therefore, the $ 5 graciously offered to confreres in 1968 would now be equivalent to: 5 x 603.4: 100 = 30.17 USD or 25 €

Once upon a time… A Lion at Ushirombo. (PE nr. 1080)

From the White Sisters’ diary.

15th October 1925: A little girl has been carried away by a lion at five in the afternoon very close to home in the sight of her parents. She is the third victim of the beast in the space of a month.

4th November: In the evening after supper we heard cries of distress. Fifteen minutes later the Fathers and some men bring Magdalena, the wife of Continue reading “Once upon a time… A Lion at Ushirombo. (PE nr. 1080)”