Prayer is the secret of a radiant and fruitful Missionary life

During Initial Formation, particular emphasis is put on the Spiritual Exercises. Once in the field, we become aware of the importance of this aspect of our missionary preparation. In these few lines, I would like to share with you my own modest experience of the place of prayer, both community and personal, in missionary life. Continue reading “Prayer is the secret of a radiant and fruitful Missionary life”

« The importance of prayer is not learnt in books but from personal conviction »

In general, candidates arriving at the Spiritual Year have a judicious awareness of the importance of personal and community prayer. They have acquired this from their formation in the first phase, from when they were aspirants and from their Christian communities. Continue reading “« The importance of prayer is not learnt in books but from personal conviction »”

Fighting the Colour Thieves! (PE 1077)

I remember a clever TV advertisement for a particular type of film, which described itself as a colour thief. This advertisement presented the taking of photographs as a new type of terrorism because just by a click, the time to take a photograph, the person photographed was reduced to a black and white image. The disastrous effect on the morale of the victims was at the same time the guarantee of the efficiency of the product used! Continue reading “Fighting the Colour Thieves! (PE 1077)”

We are called to be : “ Men of prayer” (PE 1077)

Since the foundation of our Society, Spirituality has always taken first priority in all its chapters. The last chapter of 2016 was not an exception. It is definitely due to its value and importance in guiding our missionary and Christian identity. We are called to be men of prayer! Through personal and community prayer, spirituality takes a concrete form. I believe it is in these two aspects of spirituality that we exercise the encounter with Jesus and live a gospel inspired life. Continue reading “We are called to be : “ Men of prayer” (PE 1077)”

Jesus is the heart of Spirituality (PE 1077)

Spirituality is a fundamental aspect of our identity as missionaries. We hold dear to the heritage of Ignatian spirituality which has been handed down to us from the very beginning of our Society yet there are various spiritualties from which we can draw and learn from. Even from outside Christianity there are spiritualities that are infused with wisdom and insight for the journey. For ourselves though it is, for the most part, in the pluriform possibilities of Catholic spirituality that we find both old and new ways of living more intensely in the Spirit, more intensely the Gospel filled life we are called to live. Continue reading “Jesus is the heart of Spirituality (PE 1077)”