Biblical Sessions (Jerusalem)

Jerusalem Sessions

Updated 19 August 2021

Dear friends,

Last March we cancelled the BETHESDA SESSION in French, planned for September-December 2021 and postponed it to next year: 8 March – 7 June 2022. But the evolution is still uncertain: a few weeks ago, we had hoped that the pandemic – at least here – would be under control, as there were hardly any new infections. And now, for the past two weeks, the Delta variant has been spreading and reaching almost 3,000 cases per day here. But we still have 7 months to go… until 8 March 2022.

The question naturally arises: What about other countries in Europe and Africa? Eventually, some countries with a high number of infections could be put on the red list: no entry. And what will be the conditions for others to enter the Holy Land? Prior vaccination with a vaccine recognised by Israel; health insurance that also includes coverage of Covid… And then there is also talk of compulsory isolation for one or two weeks in a specialised hotel… (to be paid by the traveller). For the moment we have no answer, but we still have 7 months to go…

In spite of this, we are looking ahead and have thought of 30 September 2021 as a provisional registration date for the French-speaking BETHESDA SESSION from 8 March to 7 June 2022. As for those who had already confirmed to us that they wanted to attend this session and for whom we already have the documentation, it would be sufficient for them to send us a confirmation. This would give us an idea of the number of interested participants.

While waiting for the health situation in the world to improve and allow us to resume the session in Jerusalem, we propose a virtual tour of the places where Jesus lived by ZOOM: FOLLOWING THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS (in French). In weekly sessions of one hour, we would offer you a tour of the important places where Jesus ministered, with photos and explanations and a spiritual introduction to each place:

      1. Bethlehem and its surroundings
      2. Nazareth, Cana of Galilee, Mount Tabor
      3. The Lake of Galilee
      4. Capernaum and the Lake
      5. Mount of the Beatitudes and Tabga
      6. The place of the Primacy
      7. The place of the Baptism, the Mount of Temptations and Jericho
      8. The Dead Sea, Qumran and En Ghedi
      9. The Desert
      10. Hebron
      11. Jerusalem with the places where Jesus lived the passion and was resurrected: Mount of Olives, Cenacle, Via Dolorosa, Holy Sepulchre…

If you wish to participate in this ‘zoom pilgrimage’, we are prepared to organise it for about 12 weeks (one hour per week). This will give you a foretaste of the ‘in Situ – Jerusalem’ session in March 2022 – although this depends on the health situation. Perhaps there are also members of your community who would like to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested. It would be important for us to have a sufficient number of interested people. Interested parties are asked to send us their name, e-mail/email address and a suggestion of the most suitable day of the week and time for such virtual zoom visits. Please send us this information by the end of September 2021.

We look forward to your reply,
Yours sincerely,

Fr. Grégoire Milombo, in charge
Fr. Odilo Cougil
Fr. Joe Buholzer, secretary

For any information and/or proposals, please contact Father Jo Buholzer using the form below.