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In Israel a large number of people have been vaccinated and the number of infections seems to be decreasing. But the situation is still uncertain, though. And the entry of non-Israelis remains very limited and complicated. In addition, quarantine is mandatory for all those who have not been vaccinated with a vaccine approved by Israel.

Because of this situation we have decided to cancel the BETHESDA SESSION (in French), from 7 Sept. to 2 Dec. 2021. However, in the hope that the situation will improve, it is planned for next year 2022, from 8 March to 7 June.

We regret to postpone the session again until next year. But we have to accept the current situation and, at the same time, remain hopeful!

To ‘fill’ this gap we are thinking of creating a zoom/internet presentation of the holy places, perhaps once a week: FOLLOWING THE STEPS OF JESUS. We are still thinking about it. Would you be interested in this project?

For any information and/or proposals, please contact Father Jo Buholzer using the form below.