PAC New Assistant Provincial

After consultation of the confreres appointed to and coming from the Section of the Province of Central Africa (PAC), after a deliberative vote of the General Council and after having obtained his agreement, the Superior General, Fr. Stanley Lubungo, has appointed Fr. Dennis Dashong PAM as Assistant Provincial of PAC for a first mandate from 01st July 2017 till 30th June 2020.

Rome, 11th May 2017
André Schaminée
Secretary General

Born in 1982 in Zawan, Nigeria, Dennis Pam returns, at the beginning of 2010, to Rwanda, where he had done his stage, as an assistant to the parish priest of Kimisagara. In 2014, he becomes the Parish Priest and, at the same time, the Provincial Delegate of the Rwanda sector.  From July, he will be the Assistant of the Provincial for the Province of Central Africa.

Thank you to Gilbert Bujiriri who is giving that service for the moment and all the best to Dennis for this service to PAC.

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