Petit Echo nr. 1079 2017/03

The Petit Echo edition of March 2017 is out. Please notice you have now three ways of reading the Petit Echo. Either, you wait until the paper edition arrives in your community. Or else, you can read it through and through online by just downloading it from the link below. According to our commitment to the Integrity of Creation, we do not encourage you at all to print your own copy of the Petit Echo (both paper and ink are threats to the environment), but, if you have a comfortable screen, you can very well read it on the screen. Note that there is a third way of reading most of the Petit Echo. Indeed, in the next few days, most of the articles written by confreres, as well as the necrological notices, will be posted as articles on the website, making it easy to read them, even on a smart phone… unless you are really far into the bush without any decent connection! If that is your case, you just have to be a philosopher and hope for some better situation in the future.

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