Petit Echo nr. 1082 – 2017/06

The Petit Echo of June/July 2017 is available for downloading.

Following the recommendations of the 28th General Chapter of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, this issue is mainly dedicated to the theme of “migrants.”
People rarely migrate for fun. Quitting one’s country, leaving behind one’s parents, family and friends and finding oneself as a ‘stranger’ and sometimes an ‘undesirable’ far from one’s village and homeland is not something that brings cheer to the heart.
Pope Francis, full of compassion for this wandering multitude risking their lives, has involved the whole Church in a prophetic movement to help those caught up in the confusion of migration by reaching out to them through humanitarian and fraternal gestures. The Missionaries of Africa are already engaged in this area through the work of certain confreres who have accepted to share their experiences with us.
In this issue and in the following one, we will be giving a lot of space to confreres who have gone before us to the house of the Father. We have received some notices that were forgotten about in the Provinces and in our archives. This explains the many profiles included in this issue. (Freddy Kyombo)

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