Petit Echo nr 1095 – Jubilee Special Edition

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A joint publication at the beginning of our Jubilee Year is a beautiful expression of our common mission in the service of the African world. Thus, we have taken up the challenge of our General Councils to gather a few articles that would talk about our Founders, Cardinal Lavigerie and Mother Marie-Salome, throwing new light on their personalities. The two of them get the biggest coverage in this special edition of the Petit Echo.

The three years of preparation have repeatedly raised the theme of collaboration among us, showing that what unites and binds us goes far beyond what has sometimes separated us. Here, we share two recent examples of reflection and collaboration in the field.

Collaboration – today we can’t do without it! The more we join forces, the more we can expect to harvest the fruits that remain: the compelling results of our services and the testimonies that lead people to do the same.

The Jubilee Year has only just begun, so grab your pens and share and nourish us with your rich and positive experiences!

Enjoy this special issue and we wish you all a Happy Jubilee Year!

Sr. Gisela, msola

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