Jerusalem session postponed

Jerusalem Sessions

SESSION / RETREAT (08/03 – 03/06/2021 in French) at St Anne’s in Jerusalem :

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, and following the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Board of Directors decided to cancel this session. We deeply regret this, but we hope you understand our decision.

Next sessions



07/09 – 02/12: Bethesda Session in French (including an 8-day retreat)

Future sessions will be planned once the pandemic is under control.

The Jerusalem sessions are for confreres Missionaries of Africa, Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, African clergy and religious working in Africa.

For more information, please contact Father Josef Buholzer, secretary of the sessions:

Coronavirus perturbs our own activities

Coronavirus disturbing our own activities

The participants to the Jerusalem session, which was supposed to take place from this month, have without doubt been disappointed when they received this mail from the secretary of the session a few days ago. All of us in Rome, we are sorry for them, hoping that they will be able to reiterate their project later.

Otherwise, some members of the General Council are grounded in Rome while some of them would have gone to Jerusalem or to Kenya… Indeed, Italy has not the best of reputation when it comes to Coronavirus !


2nd March 2020


How are you? Last Wednesday, the Ministry of Health of Israel issued a statement that “travel for conferences and other international gatherings should be avoided, including trips for religious events.” See below.

We must abide by those directives of the Ministry and so cancel the Biblical session scheduled to take place at St-Anne’s Jerusalem from March 10 till June 6, 2020. We are very sorry about that, but it is the only option. We are very much aware that you have been preparing to take part in this session for a long time. Hopefully it will be possible to do it in the future.

For those who have already paid the fees, please send us the copy of your payment and we shall refund your expenses. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to cancel your air ticket and Health Insurance.

Can you please confirm that you have received this message?

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Denis Laflamme


Subjects: Overseas Travelers, Diseases, Public health

Publish Date: 26/02/2020 19:40

  1. The government has issued a travel warning to Italy in view of the morbidity there. The Ministry of Health recommends all Israeli residents avoid travel to Italy. Additionally, the Ministry of Health issued a Decree that all travelers from Italy in the last 14 days must be placed under a 14-day home quarantine.
  2. The Ministry of Health assesses that it is highly likely that the coronavirus has spread to many other places in Europe and all over the world. Therefore the Ministry of Health advises the general public to consider all nonessential travel, regardless whether a certain destination is specified in the Home Quarantine Decree.
  3. The public is advised to avoid travel to international conferences, conventions or any other congregate settings, including travel to religious events, where foreign nationals assemble. Avoid organizing international conferences in Israel. Elaborate guidance will be released in the Ministry of Health Website.