Giving themselves totally (martyrs)

Tombstone of our Founder, Charles Cardinal Lavigerie, whose remains were transfered into the Crypt of the Missionaries of Africa Chapel in Rome, soon after the completion of the building of our General House.

Behind this stone are, sealed into the wall, repatriated pieces of bones as well as various objects belonging to the Missionaries who attempted to reach the heart of Africa through the Sahara Desert. Both the first (1876) and the second (1881) caravan were decimated by their guides.


Fr. BOUCHAND Pierre (F) (1848-1876)

Fr. MENORET Philippe (F) (1850-1876)

Fr. PAULMIER Alfred (F) (1848-1876)

Murdered by their guides. 20 January.


Fr. DIORE Louis (F) (1850-1880)

Murdered returning to the presbytery 11 February S. Monique (Algeria)

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Bro. BLUM Max (D) (1847-1880)

Speared to death during an ambush on the caravan. 27 March (Tanzania)


Fr. AUGIER Joseph (F) (1851-1881)

Fr. DENIAUD Toussaint (F) (1847-1881)

Murdered during an assault on the mission. 4 May in Rumonge (Burundi)

Fr. MORAT Gaspard (F) (1853-1881)

Fr. POUPLARD Alexis (F) (1854-1881)

Fr. RICHARD Louis (F) (1846-1881 )

21 December: Murdered by their guides.


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Fr. LOUPIAS Paulin (F) (1872-1910)

Speared to death while negotiating peace terms. Rwaza (Rwanda) 1 April.


Fr. TABART Jean (F) (1915-1956)

28 August: Found with the throat cut near Gerryville. Algeria

Fr. BARBIER Jean Baptiste (F) (1895-1956)

4 October: Disappeared on an apostolic mission. Djemmaa-Saharidj (Algeria)

Fr. BRUCHEZ Hubert (CH) (1916-1956)

Murdered returning from pastoral duties. 22 October. (Algeria)


Fr. HUSSON René (F) (1911-1954)

28 December: Shot to death by a killer -Ouled Djellal (Algeria)


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Fr. De VOS Renaat (B) (1912-1961)

Stabbed to death by Lumumba partisans- 16 February Bukavu (Congo Zaïre)


Fr. CHASSINE Bernard (F) (1904-1962)
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Fr. PY Paul (F) (1901-1962)

5 October: Kidnapped and massacred by a rebel group. (Algeria)


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Fr. LENAERS Constant (B) (1893-1964)

Fr. STOVE Gaston (B) (1924-1964)

Murdered in the parish by rebels 11 August

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Fr. CONINX Laurent sr (B) (1885-1964)
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Fr. De MEYER Léon (B) (1927-1964)
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Fr. PAUWELIJN Karel (B) (1916-1964)

Fr. D’HOORE Paul (B) (1905-1964)

Fr. LEYS Paul (B) (1924-1964)

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Fr. VERLINDEN Albert (B) (1916-1964)

Tortured to death by the Simba- 27 November Aba (Congo-Zaïre)

Fr. De MEYER Piet (B) (1915-1964)

Fr. PAUWELIJN Eugène (B) (1910-1964)

Fr. SMISSAERT Louis (B) (1915-1964)

Tortured to death by the simba- 1 December Bunia (Congo-Zaïre)


Bro. BIEWER Peter (GB) (1932-1969)

Murdered by thieves 24 December Nyegezi (Tanzania)


Bro. BECKER Wilhelm (D) (1892-1970)


Decapitated by machete-wielding psychotic. 19 March Virika (Uganda)


Fr. DEMERS Jean-Paul (Can) (1910-1971)

Fr. PERREAULT Gerard (Can) (1915-1971)

25 January : Machine-gunned at Entebbe in Amin Coup d’Etat.


Fr. ROGE Georges (F) (1910-1972)

4 January: Stabbed to death. Tizi Ouzou. (Algeria)


Fr. KNEVELS Arnold (B) (1910-1980)

18 February: Bloodstained murder 18 February- Muyange (Burundi)

Fr. LEPINE Wilfrid (Can) (1923-1980)

18 February: Murdered by thieves Kampala (Uganda)


Fr. MAILLARD Joseph (F) (1928-1984)

12 May: Victim of roadway ambush-Vvumba (Uganda)


Fr. BODINIER Georges (F) (1941-1985)

3 February: Shot by young Afrikaner thief. (South Africa)


Fr. YOU Alexandre (F) (1930-1991)

15 April: Shot to death by robbers. Ibanda (Uganda)


Bro. NONN Wolfgang (D) (1944-1994)

15 February Victim of fatal assault by an unknown person . Ede (Nigeria)

Fr. CALOONE André (F) (1926-1994)

7 April: shot to death by soldier. Ruhuha (Rwanda)

Fr. VALLMAJO Joachim (E) (1941- 1994)

26 April: Executed by military group. Kageyo (Rwanda)

Fr. CHESSEL Christian (F) (1958-1994)

Fr. CHEVILLARD Jean (F) (1925-1994)

Fr. DECKERS Charles (B) (1924-1994)

Fr. DIEULANGARD Alain (F) (1919-94)

27 December: Shot to death by killers. Tizi Ouzou (Algeria)


Fr. BESSON Robert (F) (1927-1995)

23 December: unexplained murder. Kisangani (Congo Zaïre)


Fr. PINARD Guy (Can) (1935-1997)

2 February: shot to death while distributing communion. Kampanda -Ruhengeri (Rwanda)


Fr. ADDAI Martin (Ghana) (1960-2007)

Saturday 10 March 2007: shot to death in his car. Nairobi (Kenya)


Fr. BLONDEL Louis (France) (1939-2009)

on the 7th of December : shot to death in his room. Diepsloot (South Africa)