The Missionaries of Africa Library is private. However, this site provides access to the database for researchers working in good faith. You are also welcomed to consult the library on site by appointment.

The rules of copyright (protection of intellectual property) apply to all the available elements, the basic data, the illustrations, their enrichment, the presentation structures, the search engine. No copy can be made and the elements cannot be disassembled. The use of the derived results is subject to copyright laws and practices.

Those wishing to consult the Archives or Library in person are invited to make an appointment using the form below.

Upon arrival, the researcher must present an identity document issued by his/her academic institution, two passport photos and pay ten euros to obtain a membership card (valid for one year). Permission is required to photograph the documents with the researcher’s own digital camera. However, we do restrict photocopying of documents, due to the deleterious effects of heat on the documents.

From this SITE, you can consult the library catalogue and find practical information.

The whole team wishes you a pleasant visit!