Safeguarding policies

The Society of the Missionaries of Africa considers the safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults as very important in all its missionary activities. Therefore, it aims at very strict standards of behaviour in mission. If any person wants to consult those standards or wishes to raise an issue concerning them, that person can contact, if willing, the local representative of the Major Superior of our Missionary Society (addresses can be found here: or contact directly the office of the Coordinator for Integrity in Ministry in Rome who will answer their questions.

30th March 2016 – Memorandum of Understanding

We are pleased to announced that the Society of Missionaries of Africa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Child Protection (CCP) of the Gregorian University

This Memorandum concern our On-going formation, especially the training of our Safeguarding Delegates. Two sessions are already foreseen, one in July in English in Nairobi, the other one in January-February next year in Ouagadougou will be in French.
Those session will be using the training method and modules elaborated by the Centre for Child Protection.

We are very pleased about this collaboration to make sure that our places of mission are safer places for Children and Vulnerable Adults.
The CCP also offers a diploma course .
You can find also information on the Website of the CCP or on their blog.

This collaboration will surely help us all to build a safer holier church.

Stéphane Joulain

Coordinator for Integrity in Ministry
Missionari d’Africa
269 Via Aurelia
00165 Roma