Africa – a song to sensitize…

Text of Luciano Somma
Music of Fabio Volpe
Ed. AGOSMUSIC- Vignola (Modena)

Sguardo di ragazzo dalla pelle scura
Solo la miseria vedi intorno a te
Sogni la tua barca che ti porti via
Verso il tuo destino che chissà com’è.
A dark-skinned boy’s look
All you see around you is misery
You dream of your boat taking you away
Towards your destiny, which nobody knows what it will be.
Troppa fame
C’è nella tua Africa
Terra che profuma di mistero
Brucia senza scampo
Già da secoli
Questo continente troppo nero
There is too much hunger
In your Africa,
Earth that smells of mystery,
It’s been burning without escape
For centuries
This continent too black.
Eppure canti
E la tua musica va
Oltre il cielo oltre il mare
Ma chi t’ascolterà
Tu lo sai che però
La tua vita da vivere

Irta e piena di ostacoli
Clandestina sarà.
And yet you sing
And your music goes
Beyond the sky, beyond the sea,
But who will listen to you ?
And yet you know that 
Your life that you have to live,
fraught and full of obstacles,
Will be clandestine.
Brucia come brucia
La tua Africa
È una beffa il sole da lassù
Padri missionari
Per te pregano
Mentre troppi sono I tuoi tabù.
Burns as it burns
Your Africa !
The sun from up there is a mockery !
Missionary Fathers
Pray for you
Even though too many are your taboos.
E ti chiedi spesso che sarà domani
Vedi un cielo scuro, scuro più di te,
e negli occhi cresce la malinconia
mentre solo Dio ti può dir perché.
And you often ask yourself what will be tomorrow made of.
You see a dark sky, darker than you,
and melancholy grows in the eyes
while only God can tell you why.
Troppo fame … There is too much hunger …

Farid Khodja sings of LOVE and PEACE in the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa

The Algerian public had an appointment, on the evening of Thursday, with a directory of Andalusian heritage, revisited and adapted into a very lyrical version, proposed by Farid Khodja and his ensemble of musicians. Organized at Notre-Dame d’Afrique basilica, this recital has presented many music lovers, adaptations and a notable instrumental fusion, in addition to having taken a very lyrical turn carried by the voice of Farid Khodja and the acoustics of the place. Accompanied by a traditional instrumental cell …

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Thank you to José Maria Cantal Rivas !

St. Patrick’s Day

We have it from our Irish confreres: the feast of Saint Patrick is not negotiable. It must be celebrated on March 17 of each year. But what do you know about St. Patrick’s Day? These two videos, in the language of Shakespeare of course, were selected to give you an insight into the history of St. Patrick’s Day (4 minutes), and the second a full fletched movie about the Irish legend surrounding the history of St. Patrick (one hour and a half). Happy feastday to our Irish confreres.

Do not classify others – Pope Francis

“Do not classify others in order to see who is a neighbor and who is not. You can become neighbor to whomever you meet in need, and you will do so if you have compassion in your heart. “, declared Pope Francis. He wanted to encourage and fortify all those who strive for a Land, a Work, a Roof. That is what he wrote in a message dated 10th February, a message addressed to the participants to the Popular Movements Meeting in Modesto, California, from the 16th to the 19th of February 2017.

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