Who we are

We are a large international group of priests and brothers who dedicate our whole lives to the proclamation of the Gospel, especially in Africa and to the Africans. We are about 1230 but you’ll get a better picture examining our statistics.

Inside the Catholic Church, we bear the name of “Society of the Missionaries of Africa” and we have the status of “Society of Apostolic Life“. But we are also known as “White Fathers” because at a time when all priests wore a black cassock, the Missionaries of Africa wore a kind of white dress called ghandoura in North Africa where we were founded.

The highest authority of our Society is the “General Chapter” which meets every six years and defines the orientations that the Company will take during the following six years. This chapter is composed of representatives elected by all members of the Society.

General Chapter of May 2016

It is the Superior General, elected by the Chapter, with his Council, four other members, also elected by the Chapter, who shall supervise the execution of the decisions of the General Chapter. They are also assisted when necessary by a General Treasurer and by General Services specialized in different sectors.

Stan Lubungo (Superieur General), Didier Sawadogo (Ass.), Francis Barnes (First Ass.), Martin Grenier (Ass.), Ignatius Anipu (Ass.)

In the following pages, you will discover a little more about us, especially by reading some of the orientations defined by our General Chapter in May 2016.

Enjoy the discovery!