Afrika Center Berlin

Established in 1996 by the Missionaries of Africa, under the patronage of the Archdiocese of Berlin, the Afrika Center Berlin is a place of awareness raising and support for the African community in Berlin.

“We network with migrant organizations, medical institutions and legal experts. The Center offers a possibility for intercultural encounter and exchange of experiences and promotes among the German citizens a better understanding of the culture, mentality and religion of the African people.”

“In 2017, we are four permanent team members: Fr. Frank Rossmann in charge of the A.C. who coordinates all activities and initiatives of the center. Our part time lawyer Mrs. Christine Thomas gives free legal advice to Africans living in Berlin. Detlef Bartsch is available for meetings and consultations. Theodore Asimeng from Ghana is a PhD Candidate at the Technical University of Berlin. In his part time job, he assists in the activities of the Center and acts as a link with the African students.”

C. Thomas, F. Rossman, T. Asimeng, D. Bartsch

The Afrika Center offers:

  • Legal advice in various difficulties: Residence or work permits, entry or student visas, often living in exceptional situations where they need medical treatment, have lost their passports, have been released from prison or are about to be deported in spite of having a HIV-AIDS status. Others need advice in family matters like family reunion, health insurance for pregnant women, cases of abuse in marriage or legal complications for marriages between a German and an African partner.
  • African project days, to whom we are invited from nursery, primary and secondary schools, parishes, university student Associations and even a Police Academy;
  • The SCW – Smart Casual Workshops take place four times a year and focus on training in career strategies, the dos and don’ts of writing a German job application and a CV and how to succeed in job interviews;
  • The AFRI-CA-FE, in cooperation with Caritas Berlin, gives once a month newly arrived African refugees an opportunity to meet the established African Community and to share about relevant topics of daily life in Berlin;
  • German language classes for refugees and students, for beginners and advanced;
  • First Aid seminars;
  • Visits of Africans in prison;
  • Meeting point for different African groups e.g.: Ghana parish community, national Associations of Africans from Uganda, DR Congo, South Africa, Ewe Union, the Swahili club, Afro-European Family group.


Hohenstaufenstrasse 3
10781 Berlin



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