Important communication from the General Council

On October 10 2021 Pope Francis celebrated the start of the preparations of the next Synod of Bishops. This Synod will be held in Rome in October 2023. Its theme is Synodality, For a Synodal Church: communion, participation and mission.

The General Council invites all confreres to participate in the steps that the local Churches will organize in the diocesan phase of preparation for the Synod and which has as its objective the consultation and participation of the people of God (See Vademecum for the Synod on Synodality).

Furthermore, he invites all confreres to an exchange and community sharing on this theme of the Synod, using the questions proposed in the Preparatory Document for Synod 2023 in nr 26 and nr 30. A short report of this sharing may be sent to the Provincial/Section Superior who will communicate it to the General Council during their meeting in Rome in February 2022.

The purpose of the Synod, and therefore of this consultation, is not to produce documents, but “to germinate dreams, to arouse prophecies and visions, to make hopes blossom, to stimulate confidence, to bandage wounds, to weave relationships, to resurrect a dawn of hope, to learn from one another, and to create a positive imagination that illuminates minds, warms hearts, and restores strength to hands” (nr 32).

Appointments June 2021

Names / NomsReceives / reçoitGives / donne
Père / FatherAMANI DieudonnéPAO/BfaGhn/Gha
Père / FatherATINDAANA CletusEAP/SdnPAO/Mli
Père / FatherAWOGYA AlfredEAP/UgaGMG/Roma
Père / FatherBHAROTOTA VenanceEAP/TzaEPO/Jér
Père / FatherBIGEZIKI François-XavierEAP/KenPAO/Civ
Père / FatherBONDUE Jean-PierrePEP/BelPAO/Bfa
Père / FatherBOROTO SergeGMG/RomaPEP/Bel
Père / FatherDAMANA FidelisGMG/RomaEAP/Tza
Père / FatherDERO VitalisGMG/RomaEAP/Tza
Frère / BrotherECHEVARRIA VenancioPEP/EspEAP/Uga
Père / FatherGNADOUWA DavidAMS/CanMgh/Tun
Père / FatherGOBBO WilbertSAP/SafPAO/Civ
Père / FatherITARU JohnGMG/RomaSAP/Zmb
Père / FatherKABORÉ LéonGMG/RomaMgh/Tun
Père / FatherKALALA FrankAMS/MexSAP/Moz
Père / FatherKAMBOLE RemmySOA/PhlPAO/Bfa
Père / FatherKAMWANGA JosephSOA/PhlPAO/Mli
Père / FatherKAMWAZA LowrentGMG/RomaPAC/RDC
Père / FatherKALENGWE SébastienEAP/KenPAC/RDC
Père / FatherKERKETTA BipinSAP/MwiSOA/Ind
Père / FatherKUJUR AnandPEP/FraSOA/Ind
Père / FatherKYOMBO FrédéricAMS/CanGMG/Roma
Père / FatherLUCCHETTA GiuseppePEP/ItaPAC/Rwa
Père / FatherLUCET LouisPEP/FraMgh/Alg
Père / FatherMAHESHE Jean-PierreEAP/UgaPAC/RDC
Père / FatherMASHATA BonaventureSAP/MwiPAO/Civ
Père / FatherMERABA PhilipSAP/ZmbPEP/Ita
Père / FatherMUGALIHYA FidèleGMG/RomaEAP/Sdn
Père / FatherMUNOZ-LEDO SalvadorGMG/RomaAMS/Mex
Père / FatherMWANZA DidasioGMG/RomaSOA/Ind
Père / FatherNANA DanielSAP/SafGMG/Roma
Père / FatherNGETWA AnselmPAO/CivPEP/Bel
Père / FatherOUEDRAOGO MichelEAP/KenPEP/Fra
Père / FatherONYANGO MartinSAP/ZmbEAP/Ken
Père / FatherPODRAZIK TomasPEP/PolEAP/Tza
Père / FatherPOE SUAREZ LuisitoSAP/MwiSOA/Phl
Père / FatherREILLY PaulGMG/RomaEPO/Eth
Père / FatherRUKUNDO GilbertGMG/RomaGhN/Nga
Père / FatherSAWADOGO AugustinGMG/RomaPEP/Gbr
Père / FatherSAWADOGO GuyMgh/AlgPEP/Fra
Père / FatherSCHOOFS WillyPEP/BelEAP/Ken
Père / FatherSHAYO ErastoGhN/GhaSAP/Mwi
Père / FatherSINGARAJAN JohnsonSOA/IndEAP/Tza
Père / FatherSTOLARSKI KrzysztofEPO/JerMgh/Alg
Père / FatherUWEKMU JustinPAO/BfaGMG/Roma
Père / FatherWERNKE BernhardSAP/MozPEP/Deu
Père / FatherZUCCALA ClaudioSAP/MozPEP/It
Père / FatherNKULU ChristianPAC/RDCPAO/Bfa

Official Communication

Official Communication

After consultation, dialogue and with the consent of his Council, Father Stanley LUBUNGO, Superior General, has appointed Father Arsène KAPYA Assistant Provincial of the Eastern Africa Province (EAP) for a first mandate of three years starting on 1st July 2020.

Rome, 26 June 2020
Fr André-L. Simonart,
Secretary General.



Father Stanley Lubungo, Superior General, after dialogue and with the consent of his Council, appointed on 4th May 2020 Father Gilles Ama EFIYO rector of the Fourth Phase Formation Centre of Nairobi for a first mandate of three years starting with the opening of the next Academic Year.

Rome, 5th May 2020
A.L. Simonart,
Secretary General

Official Communication


The Superior General, Father Stanley LUBUNGO, has with the approval of his Council appointed the following confreres for a second mandate of three years starting on 1st July 2020:

    • Father John ASERBIRE Provincial of the Province of Ghana – Nigeria;
    • Father Emmanuel NGONA NGOTSI Provincial of the Province of Central Africa;
    • Father Aloysius SSEKAMATTE Provincial of the Province of East Africa;
    • Father Anselme TARPAGA Provincial of the Province of Maghreb;
    • Father Dennis PAM Assistant Provincial of the Province of Central Africa.

Rome, 14th April 2020
André-L. Simonart,
Secretary General.

Official Communication

Official communication

Meeting in videoconference on 3 rd April 2020, the General Council decided to postpone the following two meetings and to set a date for them at a later stage:

    • The regional meetings of the Brothers, planned for the first week of May, are postponed. A date will be set and communicated later.
    • The meeting of the confreres in their second term of Mission, due to take place in Rwanda from 17th May to 7 th June, is also postponed. A date will be set and communicated later.

André-L. Simonart,
Secretary General.