Let us Pray for our Pope

We hereby pass on to you the email that André Simonart, Provincial of the PEP, just sent to his confreres of the PEP, and propose that you associate with his intention.

Dear confreres,
Even if we pray every day during the celebration of the Eucharist for Pope Francis, and nothwithstanding what may be of the threats and intimidation, a simple faith in prayer tells me to pass this message on to you, a message so simple and so naive (Matt 11:25).
I wish you a good climb towards Easter,

And here is the above mentioned message:

Prayer for our Pope FRANCIS
To associate yourself,

This message to alert you of the danger incurred by our friend François, who is a man of the Church, close to what a great majority of men, women and children live and committed to the point of risking his life.

If you believe in the power of the Spirit, if you believe that what Pope Francis does is right, then associate yourself with this beautiful energy.

Please pray for the health and protection of our Pope Francis … just a simple “Hail Mary” (read below) or any prayer of your choice.

Especially now that the Islamic State has targeted the Vatican and plans to assassinate the Pope! Please read the text below and pass it on to your friends … the goal is 10 million Hail Mary for our dear Pope!


  • Do not cry over what you have lost, fight instead for what you have.
  • Do not weep over what is dead, fight instead for what is alive in you.
  • Do not weep over the one who has forsaken you, rather fight for him who is with you.
  • Do not weep over those who hate you, fight for those who love you.
  • Do not cry over your past, fight for what you are currently experiencing.
  • Do not weep over your suffering, rather fight for your happiness.

With everything we experience, we begin to learn that nothing is impossible, just look forward.



Our goal is to reach 10 million “Hail Mary” for Pope Francis. This campaign begins today. Send this message to all Catholic friends or even to those who love him. We pray for the Holy Father that our Heavenly Mother may intercede for him and protect him in his ministry:

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you, blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Do not forget to convey this message to as many friends as you can.
We want to reach the 10 million “Hail Mary.”

(Translation : Google with some help from Philippe)

Sr. Françoise Tousignant (Sr. Louis-Gabriel) R.I.P.

The  Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa
invite you to share in their hope and to pray for

Sr. Françoise Tousignant (Sr. Louis-Gabriel)

from the Diocese of Québec.
She has entered into the fulness of LIFE on the 13th of march 2017
at the infirmary of the Providence Sisters in Cartierville (Montréal, Qc.).

She was 96 years old and was in her 68th year of Missionary Religious Life.
Her missionary life was in Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso and Canada.

Heban (Ebony)

HEBAN to krótka opowieść o dalekich światach. Film jest wynikiem wieloletnich podróży po kontynencie Afrykańskim przy akompaniamencie twórczości Ryszarda Kapuścińskiego. Jest to zbiór cytatów z książek: Heban, Cesarz, Gdyby cała Afryka, Jeszcze dzień z życia.

EBONY is a short story about far away worlds. The film is the result of many years of traveling around the African continent in the company of Ryszard Kapuscinski. It is a collection of quotes from the books: Ebony, Caesar, If all of Africa, One more day of Life.

Film by: Michał Wiseł Wiślicki
Quotes: Ryszard Kapuśćiński
Voice: Maciej Gudowski
Sound mix: Ponek Wiesława Reiff / Michał Wiseł Wiślicki


Hell or… Heaven ?

Sarkozy meurt accidentellement… Il est accueilli au Paradis par Saint-Pierre qui lui dit:

– Bienvenue! Cependant, nous devons régler un petit problème… Nous voyons si rarement des Présidents ici que nous ne sommes pas certains de ce que nous devons faire de toi. Le Grand Patron veut que tu passes un jour en Enfer et un jour au Paradis. Tu devras ensuite choisir l’endroit où tu voudras passer l’éternité. Continue reading “Hell or… Heaven ?”