Petit Echo (en)

The Petit Echo is the Society’s internal publication, intended especially for internal communication among the Missionaries of Africa.

The primary readers are therefore the members of the Society,  many Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, and a number of bishops and priests from the dioceses in which we work. Copies are also sent to official bodies and other missionary societies with whom we are connected. The articles of general interest will sometimes be posted on internet.

There are ten issues per year, with 730 copies in French and 450 in English. An issue has an average of 52 pages. The various sections cover:

  • Official communications from the Society;
  • Current Affairs and Missionary events;
  • History
  • Justice and Peace, Dialogue, Encounter
  • Mission on the ground, in the form of personal witnesses and sharing;
  • Formation, Initial and Ongoing, Spirituality, Readings;
  • Obituary Notices.

There is an editorial committee which meets every month to consider articles for publication.