Resources for Liturgy

Excellent support resources for personal prayer in the tradition of Saint Ignatius, produced by the Jesuits of Ireland, in English.

Excellent daily commentaries of the liturgical texts in view of preparing a Bible Sharing or a Homily; in English only.

Very good resources from the French Jesuit Family to meditate daily on the Gospel of the coming Sunday. Could be very useful to prepare oneself slowly for the Sunday preaching; only in French.

The virtual Parish Saint Nicholas was erected by a group of French priests and liturgists – excellent resources – an endless mine of knowledge for the catechumens, those who like to deepen their faith, and of course for all the priests who prepare themselves for the predication or the teaching. Fun to use on top of it. Only in French. 

The website of the Liturgical Episcopal Association for the French speaking communities (A.E.L.F.) – a must for all those in need of Liturgical texts in French.

On the website of the Catholic Church of France, you will find lots of information on Christian Faith and on the Catholic Liturgy, as well as the famous homilies of Father J. Fournier or the commentaries of Marie-Noëlle Thabut. The French Catholic TV KTO put online on YouTube her commentaries of the Gospel or the longer version comprising as well the commentaries of the two first readings. Excellent but in French only.

Her “playlist” on Youtube is HERE.