Statistics of students

Statistics of students in October 2020

You will find here the statistics of the 460 Missionaries of Africa students according to their countries of origin (in ordinate) and their formation centres (in abscissa).

There are 200 students in 11 FIRST PHASE formation centres (Philosophy studies over a period of 3 years):

    1.  Jinja in Uganda (EAP)
    2.  Ruzizi in DR Congo (PAC)
    3.  Kinshasa in DR Congo (PAC)
    4. Adigrat in Ethiopia (EPO)
    5.  Balaka in Malawi (SAP)
    6.  Lublin in Poland (PEP)
    7.  Guadalajara in Mexico (AMS)
    8. Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso (PAO)
    9. Ejisu in Ghana (GhN)
    10. Bangalore in India (SOA)
    11. Cebu in the Philippines (SOA)

There are 60 students in 3 SECOND PHASE centres for the one year “Spiritual Year” (formerly “Noviciates”):

    1. Arusha in Tanzania
    2. Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso
    3. Kasama in Zambia

There are 57 students in the THIRD PHASE (“stage” (traineeship)) in many countries around the world.

There are 143 students in 5 FOURTH PHASE formation centres (Theological studies):

    1. Limete / Kinshasa in DR Congo
    2. Merrivale in South Africa
    3. Nairobi in Kenya
    4. Abidjan in Ivory Coast
    5. Jerusalem in Israël / Palestine