Training on the safeguarding of minors and persons in situations of vulnerability, Kigali, 5th day

The fifth day of our training session marked the conclusion of the first week of this learning program on safeguarding. This day was nourished by two interventions by our confreres namely Wroblewski Jacek and Kaburame Jean-Claude.

In the first session, Kaburame Jean-Claude gave a presentation on the importance of integrating safeguarding in our formation houses and communities. He highlighted that safeguarding has to be part and parcel of our community projects. This will ensure the smooth process of creating safe environments in our ministry for minors and those in situations of vulnerability.

At the second session, Wroblewski Jacek gave a comprehensive presentation on how we can effectively do continuous risk assessments in our areas of mission to prevent abuse from taking place. Safeguarding also entails enhancing protective measures in our missions to protect minors and persons in situation of vulnerability from any harm and abuse.

The day was concluded with a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

By: Alex Manda, Clément Kpatcha, Guy Sawadogo, Lowrent Kamwaza (News Team)