Training on the safeguarding of minors and persons in situations of vulnerability, Kigali, 3rd day

This third day of our training session was nourished by the interventions of our confreres Lowrent Kamwaza and Stéphane Joulain.

In the first session, Lowrent helped us to deepen our understanding of the different forms of abuse and some key terms used in the Ministry of Safeguarding of Minors and Persons in Vulnerable Situations. As for Stéphane, he presented the consequences of abuse on victims and the indicators of possible abuse.

At the second session, Lowrent elaborated on some essential tools necessary to create a consistent culture of safeguarding. To conclude the day, Stéphane artuculated the historical background of the development of the Society’s safeguarding policity to the latest version of 2022.

By: Alex Manda, Clément Kpatcha, Guy Sawadogo, Lowrent Kamwaza (News Team)