Training on the safeguarding of minors and persons in situations of vulnerability, Kigali, 2nd day

This second day of our training session was marked by two interventions. In the morning, we welcomed Dr. Angela Rinaldi, professor at the Institute of Anthropology of the Pontifical Gregorian University. She articulated the relationship that exists between Safeguarding and The Right Use of Power in Pastoral Ministry. She underpined that power is a gift for good to be exercised in a responsible way by respecting other people’s dignity.

In the afternoon, while reminding us that we are the “guardians of our brothers” (Genesis 4:9), our confrere Peter Mateso situated the ministry of safeguarding in the historical context of our Society and in the vision of our founder Cardinal Charles Lavigerie. From the outset, the Society has been sensitive and strived to commit itself to this mission of protection of minors and vulnerable persons.

We ended the day with the sharing and listening to the experiences of our confreres.

Safeguarding is our commitment.

By: Alex Manda, Clément Kpatcha, Guy Sawadogo, Lowrent Kamwaza (News Team)