Training on the safeguarding of minors and persons in situations of vulnerability, Kigali, 4th day

For our fourth day of training, we had two speakers : our confrère William Turnbull and Mrs. Augusta Muthigani from Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

In the morning, William Turnbull explained to us how to create and operate a commission for the protection of minors and people in vulnerable situations in our respective sectors. He stressed the importance of the role of safeguarding delegate, while inviting us to collaborate with other structures that work in the same field of safeguarding. At the end of the morning, we had a time of sharing in small groups to deepen our knowledge of the Safeguarding Policy on the Prevention of Abuse and the Protection of Minors and Persons in Situation of Vulnerability of the Society (2022 version).

In the afternoon, Mrs. Muthigani elucidated the role of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and how to implement the Memorare Initiative of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

By: Alex Manda, Clément Kpatcha, Guy Sawadogo, Lowrent Kamwaza (News Team)