Safe environment

Policy of safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults

The Society of the Missionaries of Africa considers the safety and protection of children and vulnerable adults as very important in all its missionary activities. Therefore, it aims at very strict standards of behaviour in mission. If any person wants to consult those standards or wishes to raise an issue concerning them, that person can contact, if willing, the local representative of the Major Superior of our Missionary Society or contact directly the office of the Coordinator for Integrity in Ministry in Rome who will answer their questions.

Policy of safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults


Child Safeguarding Statement of Missionaries of Africa in Ireland

This statement has been prepared to comply with the requirements of the Children First Act 2015 and is derived from Safeguarding Children Policy and Standards for the Catholic Church in Ireland 2016. The policy of the Catholic Church in Ireland is based on standards of practice which contain indicators that assist in reaching these standards.  These indicators can be used in assessing and managing risk.

Download here the statement.