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Dear confreres, Relatives and FriendsGreetings of Joy and Peace from Addis Abeba. I hope you celebrated well Christmas. As for us we will celebrate it on 7th January.I am coming to you this morning with  GOOD NEWS !At last i got news from our confreres in Adigrat  ( Gerry Murphy, Jose Bandres, Belete Fanta, Clayb Caputolan, Olivier Ndayikengurukiye, Sabu Punthepurackal, Paul Reilly and our 5 students). They are all fine.Paul Reilly managed to reach a place where he got the Network and called me to inform me about this.Now Paul Reilly , Belete and the 5 students with some sisters are trying to see how they can come to Kombolcha community. They are 9 people and they started the journey this morning.So we thank God for his protection and we also thank you for your prayers.
PS : Would you help me to transmit this message to those who need this information
Bonaventure BWANAKWERIEPO Delegate superior

Summit on the protection of minors – Vatican 21-24 February 2019

From 21 to 24 February, the presidents of the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences around the world responded to Pope Francis’ call to come to Rome to the Vatican to reflect together on how best to respond seriously to this unprecedented crisis facing the Catholic Church today. The sufferings of so many men and women, children and young people call for a determination on the part of the whole Church. During these three days, several speakers followed one another to address different topics based on the three areas of reflection proposed by the organizing committee: Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency.

All the conferences can be found on the VaticanNews YouTube channel. This summit was also punctuated by several testimonies of victims previously recorded in audio or video. These testimonies allowed those among the speakers who had never heard from victims to discover the extent of the suffering they had endured. Participants also worked in language groups.

What should we remember from this summit?

It is possible to read many analyses in different languages in the online press, indeed 450 journalists were accredited, mainly from the English-speaking world. But for us, here is what we can learn that is important.

This meeting is just one step in this immense project which is to respond to the suffering of the victims with compassion and mercy. It is also a step in the process of conversion of hearts necessary for real preventive work to make the Catholic Church a safe home for children and the most vulnerable. In his final speech, Pope Francis set 7 priority axes of work for the whole People of God and more especially for the bishops of the whole world, here they are summarized with his words (Excerpts from the final speech):

  1. Protection of children: the primary objective of any measure is to protect children and prevent them from being victims of psychological and physical abuse. It is therefore necessary to change attitudes to combat the defensive and reactive attitude aimed at safeguarding the Institution, in favour of a sincere and determined search for the good of the community, giving priority to the victims of abuse in every sense of the word.”
  2. An irreproachable seriousness: I would like to repeat here that the Church will not spare itself to do all that is necessary to bring to justice anyone who has committed such crimes. The Church will never seek to stifle or underestimate any case.”
  3. True purification: despite the measures taken and the progress made in preventing abuse, it is necessary to impose a perpetual and renewed commitment to the holiness of pastors whose configuration in Christ the Good Shepherd is a right of God’s people.”
  4. Formation: in other words, the requirements of the selection and formation of candidates for the priesthood with criteria not only negative, aimed mainly at excluding problematic personalities, but also positive by offering a balanced formation path for suitable candidates, oriented towards holiness including the virtue of chastity.”
  5. To strengthen and verify the guidelines of the Episcopal Conferences: that is, to reaffirm the requirement of unity of the Bishops in the application of measures that have the value of norms and not only of guidelines. No abuse should ever be covered…”
  6. Accompanying victims of abuse: The harm they have experienced leaves indelible wounds in them, which are also manifested in resentment and tendencies towards self-destruction. The Church therefore has a duty to offer them all the necessary support by calling on experts in this field.”
  7. The digital world: the protection of minors must take into account the new forms of sexual abuse and all forms of abuse that threaten them in the environments in which they live and through the new instruments they use.”

These are seven priorities that Pope Francis has set for the bishops and major superiors of consecrated congregations and institutes of consecrated life, but also more broadly for the whole People of God.

To complete this roadmap, other measures will come: produce a Motu proprio on this question; offer a practical guide for bishops and major superiors to help them in their mission; “task forces / teams of experts” may also be created to help local churches that have more difficulty finding material and human resources to fight against this evil that spares no particular church or human community.

Let us make this roadmap our own.

Useful links :

Chaine YouTube de VaticanNews pour voir ou revoir les conférences :
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In English –
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Many interviews and articles on

Happy Feastday of the Immaculate Conception

Today is a big day. For a start, it is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, our patronal feastday.

Happy feastday to all Missionaries of Africa and Missionary Sisters of our Lady of Africa.

But it is also the day of the beatification of our 4 confreres Missionaries of Africa who died in Algeria because of their unconditional dedication to their Mission.

Here is the video of the Mass of Beatification in Oran on this Saturday, feast of the Immaculate Conception, in Oran (Algeria). Enjoy it.

If you like to download it to show to a broader group, you may do so following this link.

Here in Rome, we celebrated the event together with the White Sisters (MSOLA). Father Guy Theunis, superior of the community of the Generalate, gave us an excellent homily, showing us how Mary and Jesus were very much alike at least following five traits of their personalities. You will find the text of this homily on the following post.

MSOLA : New General Council

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Heartfelt thanks for your prayer and support before and during our General Chapter (1st to 23rd July 2017). The new leaders of our Congregation have been elected for the six coming years (2017 to 2023).

They are:

  • Superior General: Sr. Carmela Sammut, from Malta, (reelected)

and the General Assistants:

  • Sr. Maria del Carmen Ocón Moreno, from Spain, reelected,
  • Sr. Juliana Karomba, from Tanzania,
  • Sr. Mapendo Masirika Annonciata, from D.R. Congo.

As they take up the leadership of our Congregation, they still count on your friendship, prayer and collaboration, so that, together, we implement the theme of our Chapter:

“Bearers of hope, listening to the voice of the Spirit,
moving forward together towards the peripheries.”

Our deep gratitude to our former leadership team of 2011 to 2017 for their loving and dedicated service.

Sr. Madeleine Bédard, General Chapter Secretary
On behalf of the new leadership team