Workshop JPIC – ED

Mercredi 28 février et Jeudi 1et mars

Sixteen participants met Wednesday evening, 28/02/2018, in the cafeteria of the General House. The head of the JPIC-RD commission, Father Andreas Göpfert, welcomed us all and invited us to introduce ourselves to each other. On Thursday, the participants were invited to share some of their experience that motivates them to engage in JPIC-RD pastoral work but also to describe the functioning of JPIC-RD commissions in each province. Here are some pictures of the sharing of some fellow participants in the session. Continue reading “Workshop JPIC – ED”

Jacques Huntzinger – Initiation to Islam : A review (in french)

Jacques Huntzinger n’est pas un auteur très prolixe. Mais son CV est riche ayant été professeur de Droit, Haut Fonctionnaire et Ambassadeur. Nous avons déjà présenté son précédent livre, plus modeste en pages, intitulé « Les Printemps Arabes et le religieux ». Il existe de nombreux livres d’initiation à l’Islam. Nous y sommes très attentifs surtout quand ils sont écrits par des musulmans eux-mêmes. Continue reading “Jacques Huntzinger – Initiation to Islam : A review (in french)”

South Sudan: a journey under study for the Pope, under the ecumenical sign

Visite à l'église anglicane de Rome All Saints Church, capture CTVA pontifical journey to South Sudan, of ecumenical significance, is currently under study. Pope Francis himself spoke about this project, which would also include the leader of the Anglican Communion, during his visit to the Anglican Church of All Saints Church in Rome on the afternoon of February 26, 2017.

Read more about it (in French) on the website of Zenit.