Combating sexual abuse of children

Our confrere, Stéphane Joulain, who is the Delegate for the Integrity of the Ministry in the Society, announces the publication of his book (in French) “Combating sexual abuse of children. Who is abusing? Why ? How to cure?”, which will be published by the French Publisher Editions Desclée de Brouwer on March 8th, 2018. The book is in presale on at the price of € 17.90 or on the website of

The book will probably be available also, in due course, on Amazon in its electronic edition (Kindle format).

Stéphane had submitted a Ph.D. thesis on this subject at the University of Ottawa in Canada. It is, to our knowledge, the only book that deals with this subject in the French-speaking world. To read absolutely.

Formation on Minors Protection at ICMA

“The issue of child sexual abuse in our societies, but also in the Church, is a scourge that dramatically impacts the lives of thousands of children, as well as families around the world. It is the wish of ICMA to equip its students in the fourth year of theology (a year of deepening of theological knowledge and acquisition of skills essential to the new challenges of pastoral care) with the necessary skills to develop within mission, a safe environment for children and vulnerable people.

From November 13 to November 24, the ICMA School of Theology is pleased to welcome Fr. Stéphane Joulain, Missionary of Africa, Doctor in Counseling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. and specialized in cases of sexual abuse. Fr. Stéphane Joulain, who is now working with the Center for Child Protection (CCP) of the Pontifical Gregorian University (, will animate during this period and for the students in the fourth year of Theology, a session entitled “Preventing the sexual abuse of minors. Building together a safer Church for all.” This session will be sanctioned by a “Certificate in Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Minors” issued jointly by the CCP of the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Catholic Missionary Institute of Abidjan.”

( Taken from the  website of the Catholic Missionary Institute of Abidjan )