Interfaith Dialogue in Nigeria

The Ecumenism/Inter-Religious Dialogue Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo in Oyo State of Nigeria in conjunction with the Missionaries of Africa Commission for Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation, Encounter and Dialogue (JPIC-ED), held the annual seminar on Inter-Religious Dialogue for the year 2021. This seminar brings together different religious leaders with their faithful to deliberate on current issues affecting the peaceful co-existence in various communities. The seminar was entitled: Need for Peaceful Coexistence: Combatting Fake News, Hate Speech and Prejudices. The program was attended by different religious groupings, among them: Muslims, Christians, and African Traditional Worshippers. Also present at the seminar were lawyers from civil society organizations and members of the Nigeria Police Force. The program started with an opening prayer by the chairman of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Ustaz Dapo Yusuf. Rev.

Fr Joseph Ogundipe, Director of the Diocesan Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue, in his opening speech highlighted the purpose of our coming together. He went on to state that with the outrageous abuse of social media today, people are being divided along religious lines and this has affected the peaceful co-existence that our local communities used to enjoy.

Rev. Fr Robert Chipumbu M.Afr, from the Commission of Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation, Encounter and Dialogue (JPIC-ED), talked about the numerous contributions and interventions that the Society of Missionaries of Africa has done and is doing in promoting inter-religious dialogue among religions and people of different cultures. Then the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo officially welcomed all participants to the seminar. In his address, the bishop thanked God for the relative peace and calm for that part of the country. He also thanked the security agencies and all people of good will who made it possible and prayed for peace and harmony for the other parts of the country in security challenges. The bishop reminded the participants that at many times religion has been accused of being one of the causes of division and hatred, and that this time around we should change the image of religion. The abuse of social media by religious groups in promoting hatred and division through fake news, hate speech and prejudices should be condemned and be stopped.

The seminar saw Muslims, Christians and African Traditional Worshippers enter into group discussion on the seminar topic in which different experiences were shared and contributions made on how to better live together as people from different religious affiliations. At the end of the seminar a communique was issued to the media houses.

Robert Chipumbu, Ibadan, Nigeria



Part 1

for JPIC-ED Coordination in Provinces

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Laudato Si’ Encyclical, 24th of Mai 2020, we present to you the part 1 of the JPIC-ED Vademecum for our mission in the areas of JPIC-ED. 

This first part concerns especially the confreres in the Provinces, more specifically the Provincial Coordinators of JPIC-ED, the JPIC-ED Promoters of Sectors and the JPIC-ED Animators of our communities.

May we all, through proclamation and authentic witness, become signs of hope and peace of the Kingdom of God in the world! May the Holy Spirit guide us in our journey as JPIC-ED pilgrims!

Be inspired by Laudato sì

Be inspired by Laudato sì

We are all living in a time of crisis caused by the coronavirus. This might be an opportunity to let ourselves be challenged by the content of the encyclical letter LAUDATO SI’ which was published 5 years ago.

We are concerned about our Common Home. We hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor (LS 49). We experience in our own body that everything is linked and interconnected.

We are affected, questioned, challenged, and at the same time, we are called, enlivened and sent out to be witnesses of hope and joy because of the good news of the Risen Christ. We are all called to build a better future in solidarity and fraternity.

In this particular time, I suggest three steps that we can take together:

Getting inspired

Please consult the following website :

Religious congregations and missionary societies around the world have provided resources to spread and share the seeds that are being planted for the hope of our Common Home.

In the section “RESOURCES”, you will find many tools for your inspiration. If you, your community, parish, centre, … have already developed resources, you can share and download them on the same website. How to do it? Click on “UPLOAD new resource” and fill out the form.

If you want to know more about it, watch the following video:

Going further

Please consult the following website:

You will find additional information and ways to deepen several aspects mentioned in the LAUDATO SI’ document.


At present, we read daily a passage from the Acts of the Apostles. We see the Holy Spirit at work among the early Christians. This same Spirit guides us today and inspires us with creative love so that we care responsibly for our Common Home. You might be able to plan and realise an activity, an event, a special moment around May 24th or after, depending on the circumstances!

May the Holy Spirit show us the way to go!


Andreas Göpfert,
JPIC-ED Coordination

NAD Lenten Meditation 6

2020 AEFJN Contact Persons Seminar

2020 AEFJN Contact Persons Seminar

On 5 March 2020, 19 religious women and men participated in the 2020 Arica Europe Faith and Justice Network (AEFJN) Contact Persons Seminar held at the Generalate of the Missionaries of Africa. The main topic of the seminar was, “How the contact persons could support the Antennas around the world?”

Fr. Chika Onyejiuwa, CSSp, the Executive Secretary, introduced the advocacy work of AEFJN, then added the current situation of Antennas. Br. Christian Roberti, CSSp, from the Belgium Antenna, Fr. Wolfgang Schonecke, MAFR from the German Antenna, Sr. Begoña Iñarra, MSOLA from the Madrid Antenna, Fr. Armel Fopa from Cameroon Antenna shared about their activities. After the talks from four Antennas, Sr. Pilar Trillo, LSA, the Contact Person of the Little Sisters of the Assumption, shared how her Congregation commits to AEFJN actions. 

After hearing from six speakers, the participants broke up into two groups for group discussion with the guide question “How can your Congregation contribute to the work of Antennas? What is your role as a Contact Person in this action?” The groups reported in the plenum about their discussion.

After the reporting, it was informed that the AEFJN Executive Committee would study the different comments and take concrete action with the Contact Persons to support the Antennas in Europe and Africa.

The seminar was an excellent opportunity for the Contact Persons, Executive Committee, Secretariat, and Antennas to get to know each other, and learn the work of Antenna. It was also an opportune time to discuss different ways of collaboration. The Executive Committee is grateful to those who participated and contributed for the Seminar.

Fr. Daisuke Narui, SVD, for the AEFJN Executive Committee