Beatification of the Algeria Martyrs, Testimony of Fr. Raphaël Deillon

On the occasion of the beatification of the martyrs of Algeria, Father Raphaël Deillon, White Father, diocesan delegate (Marseille) for relations with Muslims, testifies to the years spent in this country with his missionary brothers and sisters, the Christian community and tells us about the links forged with this people of Algeria.

A tribute to the martyrs of Algeria who will be beatified next Saturday and an encouragement to all our confreres – and to all the baptized – to live an active presence in the fracture zones.


Conference on Cardinal Paul Zoungrana

As part of the conferences organized by the Roman Committee to prepare the 150th anniversary of the founding of our Lavigerie Family, Father Jacques Sidibe tells us about “Paul Zoungrana, a Pastor figure, one of the fruits of the work of evangelization of the Sons and Daughters of Cardinal Lavigerie. ” (in French)

Jacques Sidibe is a priest of the diocese of Ouagadougou, ordained in 1999. After a few years of pastoral ministry in a parish, Jacques is sent to Rome for studies, then teaches in two major seminaries. He is received in our community in Rome in 2018 while taking a time of sabbatical at the Urbaniana, when his bishop asks him to take advantage of his presence with us to work on Cardinal Paul Zoungrana, M.Afr., an emblematic figure of the Church of Burkina Faso, as his diocese is preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth.

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150 Jubilee – Child in the Sun Mbezi (Tan)

Memories in Pictures … This video dates from 1997 – Child in the Sun was then a center for street children just outside of Dar es Salaam. Do you have any video? Or pictures of projects that you would have known? Send them to us with a minimum of explanation and dates and we will publish them.


Back to the roots (150th anniversary)

Another movie by Manu Quertemont. Going towards the 150th anniversary, this movie is a poetic tribute to Varsenare, a place where many did their noviciate in former times, a place where many are now awaiting the day of the Great Encounter. Varsenare, a community of Faith, Joy and Hope. Thank you Manu.

Some countries have blocked this video on YouTube for a question of copyrights on the music of Toets Thielemans. If it is the case in your country, do request a link from the Webmaster for downloading the movie, indicating clearly who you are (reserved to the MAfr and MSOLA).