Changing Africa

Taking into consideration that Africa is changing, the Chapter has prioritised the following characteristics of our charism:

a. Wherever we are, we should accompany the people in their search for democracy and good governance.

b. The Society should take account of the following criteria when deciding on an insertion:

  • Primary Evangelisation
  • Formation of the Laity
  • Search for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation.
  • Dialogue with Muslims and those of other religions.

c. Every confrere should be able to read the signs of the times, use them for discernment and act in consequence. That in his place of pastoral work he should be particularly alert to young people without work or hope for the future.

d. We should promote a lived dialogue, committed to an active collaboration with different organisations on the spot such as Caritas, Doctors Without Borders and others.

Capitular Acts 2016, page 33