On 13 May 2021 the Superior General, Fr. Stanley Lubungo, officially communicated to all Provincials the convocation of the XXIX General Chapter. It is planned that the Chapter will take place in Rome from 13 May to 19 June 2022. At this stage there are eleven electoral colleges and the distribution of the deputies to be elected is as follows: the Province of the Americas 2; the Eastern Africa Province 3; the section of Ethiopia Near East 1; the Province of Ghana Nigeria 1; the Generalate 1; the Province of the Maghreb 1; the Province of Central Africa 3; the Western Africa Province 3; the Province of Europe 5; the Province of Southern Africa 3; and the Section of Asia 1.  Elections for chapter deputies and delegates for the pre-capitular assemblies will take place between 13 May and 31 August.

Stan invites all confreres to take part in the preparations for the Chapter through prayer, reflection and sharing. May we all listen to the Spirit and discover new ways of mission.

Here is an extract of the letter sent by the Superior General.

“With this letter I convene the XXIXth General Chapter of our Missionary Society, which will be held at the Generalate in Rome from 13 May to 19 June 2022 (C&L art. 165). In the wake of the graces and blessings of our jubilee celebrations, which have allowed us to reconnect with our  historical and spiritual roots, with the charism of the Society and with our Founder and predecessors in mission, the Chapter process must help us hear the missionary call in today’s world, and in particular the  African world. I therefore ask you to mobilise all the confreres in your Province ensuring that they take interest and participate in this process of discernment through prayer, sharing and reflection.”