A year of celebration for Livinhac’s death anniversary

A year of celebration for Livinhac's death anniversary

The Catholic Church in Uganda regards Bishop Livinhac as her Founding Father. The centenary anniversary of his death will occur next year on the 11th November. To honour her founder, the Ugandan Church launched a one year Jubilee at Mapeera-Nabulagala Parish. Our Superior General, Father Stan Lubungo took part in the celebration. Here is the booklet of the liturgical celebration. 

Stanislas de Jamblinne, R.I.P.

Society of the Missionaries of Africa

Father Yvo Wellens, Provincial Delegate of the sector of Belgium,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Stanislas de Jamblinne

on Friday 12th November 2021 in Evere (Brussels, Belgium)
at the age of 99 years, of which 74 years of missionary life
in Rwanda, Burundi and Belgium.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.


Opening of Lavigerie House in Gyedna

Opening of Lavigerie House in Gyedna

The official opening of the Lavigerie House in the catholic diocese of Minna (Nigeria) was done yesterday 7th November 2021. This was indeed a colorful celebration. Everything began with the Holy Mass at exactly 10:00Am in our community. This Mass was celebrated by his lordship most Rev. Dr. Martin Igwe UZOUKWU, Catholic Bishop of Minna diocese. We were blessed to have in our midst Fr. Martin Grenier (our assistant general) and Fr. John Aserbire, Provincial Superior of Ghana/Nigeria province. Among our guests, we recognize also the presence of confreres coming from Ibadan and Osogbo dioceses, who joined us and witnessed this memorable event. During the Eucharistic celebration, Bishop Martin expressed his happiness and his gratitude to have the Missionaries of Africa in his diocese. He then invited everyone present at the celebration to fully and actively participate in the work of evangelization through the activities of the Missionaries of Africa in Gyedna. Through his words of encouragement to the confreres, the bishop prayed also for more vocation in our Society. Our Eucharistic celebration ended with the blessing of our two buildings: the Lavigerie residence house and the vocation youth Centre.

Through the blessing of our residence house, Bishop Martin blessed also our community chapel and the tabernacle in the chapel. Then he proceeded with the blessing of the vocation youth Centre.

This ceremony marked the official opening of our community in Minna diocese in Nigeria. This was followed by the liturgy of stomach accompanied with dances. There was a very good and joyous atmosphere. A live band from the local community animated the after mass celebration and no one resisted to their music. It was awesome to have everyone dancing tirelessly.

Norbert Issa, M.Afr
Lavigerie House, Gyedna