Province of Maghreb (Mgh)

At the Provincials’ meeting in Rome, it was asked to the confreres responsible for the Provinces and the Sections to prepare a page which would present their Province / Section on the website. It is on this present page that will be published that presentation as soon as it is made available.

Each presentation should contain at least the following:

  1. Geopolitical presentation of the Province / Section
  2. Activities / commitments of the Missionaries of Africa in the Province / Section
  3. Presentation of the communities : 
    1. Where are they posted (plus GPS coordinates if possible
    2. number of confreres
    3. specific activities of the community
  4. Short presentation of the Tree of Charism in your Province / Section
  5. A few specific points developed in your post-cap assembly
  6. If possible, a good picture for each community (on any theme, provided there is a short explanation) plus a few photos typical of your Province / Section.

Thank you in advance.