Spiritual control and abuse

Spiritual control and abuse

A JCD PRODUCTION/KTO 2018 COPRODUCTION – Directed by Jean-Claude Duret
Documentary of 18/05/2019. 


Today, the thirst for the absolute is strong in a Western world that has lost the foundations of faith. This can lead some to meet manipulative personalities, or even to fall prey to narcissistic personalities who divert the quest for God to their advantage. Sometimes even real systems of control are being put in place. The mechanism of mental control can lead to many abuses, including spiritual abuse, and can cause serious psychological injuries. Yet, for millennia, a treasure of wisdom has existed in monasteries where those who devote their lives to the quest for God have marked out the dangers of this quest. The experience they transmit to us today is indispensable to our discernment, whether we are believers or not. This documentary is meant to inform and educate a wide audience of the possible dangers of spiritual research.


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