The migrants

Just as our 125th anniversary of the Anti-Slavery Campaign energised us, so now the issue of migrants and displaced people demands a response from us. It prods us into taking our responsibilities seriously:

a. By analysing the causes of this phenomenon which has led to the migration and the displacement of populations, and by initiating programmes for conscientisation and prevention through links between our already existing centres like the Africa Centres and our places of ministry.

b. By acknowledging the numerous confreres who are already reaching out to migrants, and by encouraging them to persevere in this apostolate. Our leaders should encourage confreres to take part in local initiatives helping migrants.

c. By asking our communities to reflect upon the Popes appeal to open our doors to the refugees.

d. By mobilising the whole Society, in co-operation with MSOLA and other organisations, around the question of human trafficking, and together seeking solutions.

e. By requesting the Justice and Peace Commissions of our own Provinces to join forces around one particular aspect concerning the migrants, and to concentrate on this in our media, our magazines and in the themes we choose for our recollections in order to open ourselves up to attitudes of welcome and tolerance.

f. By recognising the generosity already shown by the people in our places of apostolate welcoming migrants, and then sharing this experience of a lived solidarity with our confreres.

g. By helping our communities make prophetic gestures, helping them to meet, welcome and accompany migrants and helping the migrants to become integrated into the places where they are.

h. by asking our communities to offer to work alongside families whose members have emigrated or joined the Jihad. (Amoris Laetitia, 46)

Capitular Acts 2016, pages 34-35