World Mission Day 2023


Photo credit: MAFA collection, Publisher : Éditions d’Emmanuel

Today we celebrate the 97th World Mission Day. It is the day when the Church throughout the world encourages its faithful to become more involved in the Church’s missionary activity through prayer and material support for missionaries. It is also an occasion to open ourselves up even more so that we are ready to live our Christian vocation, to contribute to the establishment of the Kingdom of God wherever the Lord sends us as missionaries. Pope Francis in his message, invites us to “renew our zeal for evangelization in today’s world”. There are places in our world where Christ is not yet known or has already been forgotten, and yet He alone “is the living Word, who can enflame, enlighten and transform the heart”, as the Pope reminds us.

On this day, we want to express our gratitude to all the individuals who have been supporting us in our missionary work in Africa through their prayers and material contributions, so that through our missionary charism, we can witness to the Good News in the African world. May the Lord, who is with us all, accompany us on our missionary journey.

Let’s take a moment to read Pope Francis’ message for this day.

Pawel Hulecki (M.Afr) General Assistant

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