Melvin Doucette, R.I.P.

Father Gilles Barrette, Provincial of the Americas,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Melvin Doucette

on Wednesday 27th June, 2018 at Tignish (Canada)
at the age of 79 years, of which 51 years of missionary life
in Zambia and in Canada.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Melvin Doucette RIP

Milestones of Father Melvin Doucette’s life

Melvin was born on March 2, 1939 in Tignish, a small fishing village on the northern tip of Prince Edward Island, Canada. He entered the Novitiate (Spiritual Year) of the Missionaries of Africa on August 31, 1963 in Franklin, USA. He then continued his theological studies at Totteridge (London, UK) where he took his missionary oath on 25 June 1967. He returned to his native village to receive priestly ordination on June 22, 1968.

01/09/1968 Apprend langue Ilondola Zambia
01/01/1969 Vicaire Lwena,D.Kasama Zambia
01/01/1973 Supérieur Lwena Zambia
01/10/1974 Curé Chilubula Zambia
01/09/1978 Congé d’Etudes St Louis University U.S.A.
01/09/1979 Supérieur Chilubi,D.Kasama Zambia
01/09/1982 Monastic experience Nanyuki Kenya
01/10/1983 Curate Lubushi+Mulobola Zambia
01/11/1986 Curate Malole Zambia
01/04/1987 Parish Priest & Superior Chilubula,D.Kasama Zambia
28/02/1990 Session-Retraite Jérusalem Israël
01/09/1991 Parish Priest Malole,D.Kasama Zambia
01/09/1997 Sabbatical Canada
19/04/1999 Nommé ANA (PE.99/6)
01/01/2000 Ministry H.C. Moncton Canada
01/10/2002 Ministry H.C. Tignish PE Canada
01/07/2016 Residence H.C. Tignish Canada
27/06/2018 Returns to the Father Tignish Canada

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