Pedro Molina Garcia, R.I.P.

Father José Morales M., Provincial Delegate of the sector of Spain,
informs you of the return to the Lord of Father

Pedro Molina Garcia

on Monday the 27th of March 2017 at Granada (Spain)
at the age of 84 years, of which 56 years of missionary life
in Burundi, Italia, Canada and Spain.

Let us pray for him and for his loved ones.

Milestones of Father Pedro Molina Garcia’s life

Pedro Molina Garcia was born on the 11th of September 1932 at Córdoba in Spain, in the Diocese of Córdoba. He began his Spiritual Year on the 27th of September 1956 at Maison Carrée in Algeria, took his Missionary Oath on the 27th of June 1960 at Carthage in Tunisia and was ordained to the Priesthood on the 29th of January 1961 at Abulem.

01/10/1961 Learns the language at Ngozi (Burundi)
07/07/1962 Ass. Parish Priest at Gitongo (BU – Gitega)
02/08/1963 Ass. Parish Priest at Bugenyuzi puis à Nyabiraba (BU)
21/01/1965 School of Art in Giheta (BU)
03/03/1966 Ass. Parish Priest at Gitwenge (BU)
18/05/1968 Long retreat in Villa Cavalletti (Italia)
10/07/1968 Ass. Parish Priest at Mbogora (BU)
26/08/1969 Parish Priest at Ruyigi (BU)
06/01/1970 Ass. Parish Priest at Bukirasazi then at Butwe (BU – Bururi)
16/04/1972 Ass. Parish Priest at Rumeza (BU)
08/01/1974 Help at the Parish of Marano (Italia)
14/05/1974 Teacher in Treviglio (IT)
01/10/1975 Castelfranco (IT)
01/01/1978 Ass. Parish Priest at Ijene (BU)
26/09/1979 Session-retreat at Jérusalem (Israël – Palestine)
01/01/1981 Córdoba then Madrid, Meñorca (Spain)
30/05/1992 appointed to Burundi
01/09/1992 Ass. Parish Priest at Murore (BU – Muyinga)
21/11/1994 Builds the Church in Giharo (BU – Ruyigi)
12/05/1996 Back to Spain
01/12/1996 Madrid, Meñorca (ES)
05/11/1997 Centre Afrika in Montréal (Canada)
19/10/2004 Back to Spain – Residence at Benicasim
05/10/2005 Session 70+ at Rome (Italia)
30/11/2016 Residence at Nursing Home in Santa Fe – Granada (ES)
27/03/2017 Return to the Father at Hospital Ruiz de Alda in Granada (ES)


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