Mgr Antoon Grauls on KTOtv

Mgr Antoon Grauls on KTOtv

The full movie on Monseigneur Antoon Grauls, founder of the Bene-Yozefu brothers in Burundi, will be shown on the French Catholic TV Station KTO on Monday the 1st June at 20.40 (8:40 pm), or directly on Please consult the website to know about possible replays. Note that the movie is in French only.

The Congregation of the Bene-Yozefu brothers of Burundi presented for the first time a film made on the occasion of their 75th anniversary, in the Lavigerie Hall of the Missionaries of Africa in Rome, on 29/09/2019. This film is about the congregation of the Bene-Yozefu brothers and more particularly about its Founder Antoine Hubert Grauls.

Indeed, in this film, we highlight the characteristic features of Bishop Antoine Hubert Grauls, his intelligence and his apostolic zeal. He was truly an apostle who listened, consulted and welcomed; an apostle who was always close to the Burundian people to whom he had been sent.

Bishop Antoine Hubert Grauls is known as Father of the Church of Burundi, an apostle who worked body and soul so that this Church could grow and consolidate itself. He was an extraordinary person, his motto “Everything in a charity without feint” was well lived. He undoubtedly confirmed that in Burundi, there were no pagans but rather non-baptized people. He collaborated with both the poorest and the richest. He healed both hearts and bodies. He founded hospitals, printing plants and cooperatives for the development of the region. He was truly a gift to the Christians during the 30 years he lived in Burundi.

He made a quality leap on the issue of education so that Burundi would have its own schools, according to him, “the issue of schools is for all causes that want to last a matter of life and death”. He gave a great boost to primary schools, particularly through the foundation of the Bene-Yozefu Brothers Congregation, which is a huge success for Burundi, given their contribution to human and social development in the country.

In short, Bishop Antoine Hubert Grauls is one of the country’s great builders, a great promoter of the Burundian intellectual elite, thanks to the national unity he has beaten, the Burundians will always be grateful to him.

Frère Innocent Manirakiza, Bene-Yozefu

(Brother Innocent resides with the Missionaries of Africa in Rome during his studies in the educational sciences)

Below is an excerpt from this very beautiful film directed by Armand Isnard of KTO. The DVD containing the entire 52-minute film (in French) is available at the Generalate of the Missionaries of Africa for a contribution towards the production costs or from the Bene-Yozefu Brothers in Burundi.

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