Cash investigation on sexual abuse of minors: and so what?

A few years ago Cash Investigation was investigating on the manufacture of mobile phones by miners. Journalists knew that Nokia, Samsung, Microsoft and Appel and others were illegally using minors to procure strategic metals such as to mount smartphones in the factories. As usual, those responsible, aware of this illegality but able to surround themselves with protection systems, fled any interview and denied the obvious. Above all, the shareholder’s profit should not be reduced in the areas of work ethics or children’s rights, especially when it happens abroad. Thanks to the tenacity of the journalists, the demonstration was made. For those of us who work in areas deeply contaminated by child slavery in the African Great Lakes countries, this success has been greatly appreciated. Certainly, watching the show, we realized the methods of these journalists. But why are they called “investigative journalists”? …

Read the article of Bernard Ugeux, M.Afr., IN FRENCH ONLY (apologies) on his blog :,4854

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