Review of “Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians” of John Paul Lederach

Since I got involved with peace studies, peace education and training on conflict prevention, several times I came across the name of John Paul Lederach, an international peace practitioner, scholar and mediator. Various books and articles on peacebuilding make references to his work. Different concepts and approaches about conflict analyses Continue reading “Review of “Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians” of John Paul Lederach”

Here is what is happening when one stops nurturing prejudices (TV2 Danemark)

Voilà ce qui arrive quand on arrête avec les préjugés

Prenez ABSOLUMENT 3 minutes pour regarder cette merveille. Un message de tolérance rare qui nous a touché… À partager sans modération ❤️Plus d'idées créatives sur >> Creapills

Geplaatst door Creapills op vrijdag 3 februari 2017

Butchers make the World cry…

Quand la boucherie, le monde pleure

En 4 minutes, l'équipe géniale de DATA GUEULE résume l'impact de la consommation de viande. Face à la démultiplication de notre appétit carnivore, l'industrialisation massive de la production de viande a désormais des impacts environnementaux et sanitaires considérables. De quoi inviter à repenser nos menus. Si vous êtes végé , n'hésitez pas à montrer cette vidéo à toutes votre famille. Elle comprendra mieux vos choix ! DATA GUEULE

Geplaatst door Végétik op zaterdag 4 juni 2016


In only 4 minutes, the genius-team of DATA GUEULE summarizes the impact of meat consumption. Answering the scaling-up of our carnivore appetites, the massive industrialisation of meat production faces now enormous environmental and sanitary consequences. Enough to invite us rethinking our menus. If you are vegetarian, don’t hesitate to show this video to your entire family (or community). For sure, they will understand better your choices after watching this video.

Jane in Kenya says it’s time to #EventItUp (from OXFAM)

While millions of people in Kenya struggle to get by, the richest man in the country  is worth more than $700 million. Join Jane and demand an economy that works for everyone, not just the few.

Jane in Kenya says it's time to #EvenItUp

While millions of people in Kenya struggle to get by, the richest man in the country is worth more than $700 million. Join Jane and demand an economy that works for everyone, not just the few:

Geplaatst door Oxfam GB op maandag 16 januari 2017

International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking

Next Tuesday, the 8th February, we celebrate la fête de Sainte Bakhita, the patron saint of the trafficked persons. At this occasion is celebrated the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking.

To organise a Vigil of Prayer at that occasion, please find material here :

And for more information, or some other languages, visit

The Impacts of Large Scale Farming in Tanzania

Land grabbing has become a recurring phenomenon in Africa but the situation in Tanzania is a disaster; from the northern part of the country where about 40,000 of the Maasai tribe were said to have been evicted from their ancestral land so that the Dubai Royal family can hunt, to the south where the SAGCOT program (Southern Agricultural Corridors of Tanzania) of G8/NEW Alliance has driven thousands of families into penury. In December 2015, the AEFJN Secretariat took a fact-finding mission to Tanzania. Some of the journeys took as long as 17 hours but it gave the staff good first-hand experience of the disaster of land grabbing in Tanzania. This documentary studies just the tip of the iceberg of land grabbing in Africa.

Read more on AEFJN website and watch the video

Looking at the Other Side of the Story in 2017

There is a human tendency to look for solutions to problems in a manner that draws attention but never solves the problems. It is a deliberate scheme to deny the truth. Truth unsettles us because it challenges our illusions, the falsely-founded privileges we cling to and the mental constructs that serve our selfish ends. Unfortunately, the shadows of repressed truth never sleep. Can Africa tell her story? Yes, of course! But that is made very difficult by the current economic configurations of the world and the ingrained but selfish desire of ‘powerful nations’ and conglomerates to perpetuate the status quo. How would a man under the rubble of fallen house get up to fight the men who designed and built the house with substandard material in order to make more profit? It is not so much the story of the man under the rubble of a fallen house as that of the man who compromised the standards.

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Our confrere Andreas Göpfert share his expertise in Peacebuilding.

The English JPIC promoters met in their January monthly meeting at the UISG offices as usual to reflect on opportunities available to be artisans of peace. Our presenter Andreas Göpfert, MAfr has a background of studies in peacebuilding and extensive experience in conducting workshops on nonviolence in parts of West Africa.

Read more in Newsbrief, the newsletter of JPIC Commission in Roma