Roger Duvollet 1911 – 2016 (PE nr. 1078)

Roger was born on the 27th August 1911 at Vesoul in the east of France. He entered the Junior Seminary of Luxeuil in 1921 followed by studies at the Major Seminary of Besançon. He contacted the White Fathers in 1933 and in October of that year, he was admitted to the novitiate at Maison-Carée, Algiers. On the 1st October 1935, two days before the feast of St. Theresa of Lisieux, (then observed on the 3rd October), he took his Missionary Oath at Carthage. Continue reading “Roger Duvollet 1911 – 2016 (PE nr. 1078)”

Xavier Boinot 1918 – 2016 (PE nr. 1078)

Xavier was born on the 3rd December 1918 at Niort in the department of Deux-Sèvres, France. He was the tenth child in a family of eleven children. His family was deeply Christian and produced six priestly vocations. Two boys became Diocesan priests, one joined the Dominicans, and one joined the Benedictines while Xavier and his elder brother François joined the White Fathers. Continue reading “Xavier Boinot 1918 – 2016 (PE nr. 1078)”

Thomas Bradley 1931 – 2016 (PE nr. 1078)

Tom was born in Newry, Co. Down, Ireland on the 3rd June 1931. He was the eldest child in a deeply Catholic family of five children, three sisters and two brothers. Tom attended the Abbey School run by the Irish Christian Brothers in Newry from 1942 to 1946 and obtained the Junior Certificate of Education. Continue reading “Thomas Bradley 1931 – 2016 (PE nr. 1078)”

Clement Alekwe 1960 – 2015 (PE nr. 1078)

Fr Clement Alekwe was born on 7th March 1960, in Enugwu-Agidi, Diocese of Awka in Nigeria. He was the fourth child of a family of eight children. He took his Missionary Oath on the 7th of December 1991 in Totteridge, England and was ordained priest on the 22nd August 1992 in his home diocese of Awka, in Nigeria.

Continue reading “Clement Alekwe 1960 – 2015 (PE nr. 1078)”

Didier Michon 1935 – 2016

Didier was born in the Nièvre region, a rural area in central France on the 29th July 1935. He was the third child in a family of seven children. His childhood and adolescence, lived in this rustic region in a united and joyful family marked him all his life. He always maintained strong links with his family even if communications were not very good in the 60s. Continue reading “Didier Michon 1935 – 2016”

Bernhard Hagen 1936 – 2016 (PE nr. 1077)

Coming back from this year’s visit to Ghana Bernhard didn’t feel well. He himself drove to the doctor in Rheine who diagnosed an acute heart problem. Bernhard was flown by helicopter to the heart clinic at Bad Rothenfelde. The same day he was operated on and received a triple bypass.
It went well but then he got a malaria attack with kidney and liver failure. The doctors put him into an artificial coma; and he never woke up. Continue reading “Bernhard Hagen 1936 – 2016 (PE nr. 1077)”

Jo van de Ven 1941 – 2016 (PE nr. 1077)

Jo was born in Nistelrode, Diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands on the 15th March 1941. After studies at St. Charles, near Boxtel, he went to Franklin, U.S.A for his novitiate in 1961. He studied Theology in Eastview, Canada where he took his Missionary Oath on the 25th June 1965. He was ordained priest on the 2nd July 1966 in Prinsenhage. Continue reading “Jo van de Ven 1941 – 2016 (PE nr. 1077)”

Jacques Dugas 1924 – 2016

To write an obituary of Jacques Dugas is to enter into an attractive life that was long, full of obstacles and fragilities but what a fruitful and beautiful life. Jacques was born in 1924 at St-Maurice-l’exil, near Vienne in the department of Isere, France. He came from a big family of unshakeable Christian beliefs. His godfather was his elder brother, Pierre who became a Marist priest. His sister, Marie, a religious sister in the Company of Mary, was a missionary in DR.Congo. Continue reading “Jacques Dugas 1924 – 2016”

+Pedro Burgos López 1929 – 2016 (PE n°1077)

On Sunday, the 17th April 2016, at around 13.30 in the afternoon, our confrere Pedro Burgos López passed away peacefully in St. Joseph’s Nursing Home at Evere (Bruxelles). Fr. Jan Anthonissen was present; his faithful guardian angel for months, Sr. Doecita Van der Ven had just slipped out for a few minutes. Continue reading “+Pedro Burgos López 1929 – 2016 (PE n°1077)”

+Joaquín Algerías Joya 1944 – 2016 (PE n°1077)

On Monday 4th July 2016, Joaquín Algerías left us to join his Lord. He was born in Almócita, Almeria Province in Spain on the 12th April 1944. He was the son of Felipe and Dolores, and the youngest in a family of four brothers and sisters. He studied at the major Seminary of Almería and he was ordained priest on the 11th March 1971. Continue reading “+Joaquín Algerías Joya 1944 – 2016 (PE n°1077)”