Easter Vigil at the General House

At the General House, we celebrated Easter in a rather small community. The main room was beautifully decorated with wardrobe from the Furniture Warehouse, where most came in to admire the room and works. Most of the General Council were visiting our communities around the world, many of the students were on holiday, mainly doing pastoral work in Italy and elsewhere, some of the remaining few were getting a feeling of how Easter was being celebrated in Rome. Sixteen of us, including the mother of our French confrere Laurent Balas, were celebrating the Easter Vigil in our Crypt, led by Mak Caesar Abagna, a ghanean priest who is staying with us while studying at the PISAI. 

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Important notice for our visitors

Because of the up-coming renovation of the ‘Piccola Casa’ and the temporary transfer of the Sisters into our house, our capacity for accommodation is very much reduced. We will not be able to accommodate visitors during the following times: 21-30 April 2017 as well as during the two months of September and October 2017 (because of the sessions).


Joe Buholzer,
Supérieur de la Maison Généralice