AFRICA/KENYA – The Bishops appeal: “drought is to be declared a national disaster”

Nairobi (Agenzia Fides) – “Drought is to be declared a national disaster”. This is the appeal of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) through its Chairman, His Exc. Mgr. Philip Anyolo, Bishop of Homa Bay. “We hasten to appeal to the Government to declare the current drought a national disaster in order to beckon the international community to step forward Continue reading “AFRICA/KENYA – The Bishops appeal: “drought is to be declared a national disaster””

The Impacts of Large Scale Farming in Tanzania

Land grabbing has become a recurring phenomenon in Africa but the situation in Tanzania is a disaster; from the northern part of the country where about 40,000 of the Maasai tribe were said to have been evicted from their ancestral land so that the Dubai Royal family can hunt, to the south where the SAGCOT program (Southern Agricultural Corridors of Tanzania) of G8/NEW Alliance has driven thousands of families into penury. In December 2015, the AEFJN Secretariat took a fact-finding mission to Tanzania. Some of the journeys took as long as 17 hours but it gave the staff good first-hand experience of the disaster of land grabbing in Tanzania. This documentary studies just the tip of the iceberg of land grabbing in Africa.

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