Installation of Mgr John MacWilliam in Ghardaïa

A few days after his episcopal ordination in the Abbey Church of Worth in England, John was officially installed Bishop of Laghouat-Ghardaïa in the small chapel of Ghardaïa. There will be a third celebration, a Mass of thanksgiving, presided over by John to Our Lady of Algiers on June 2nd.

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Episcopal ordination of John MacWilliam

On Saturday 20th of May 2017, our confrere, John MacWilliam, was ordained bishop by Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, MAfr, at Worth Abbey in England, where John had completed high school.

John was indeed appointed Bishop of Laghouat-Ghardaïa, succeeding Claude Rault, M.Afr., who had resigned several months ago, having reaching the limit age of activity as bishop. John preferred to receive episcopal ordination in England rather than in Algeria where visas take a long time to be granted.

See also the website of Worth Abbey School and the website of Ghardaïa.

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British soldier turned priest… – The Tablet

A British soldier turned priest who risked his life to rebuild the Church’s presence in Algeria following a spate of attacks against Christians has been appointed by Pope Francis as a bishop in the overwhelmingly Muslim country. Fr John MacWilliam, a 68-year-old “White Father” missionary – technically a Missionary of Africa – was on Thursday named the next leader of the diocese of Laghouat-Ghardaïa, a recognition of the courageous peace building work he has carried out in the region. At the height of violence against Christians by armed Islamic groups in the mid-1990s, on 27 December 1994, four of his confreres running the White Father mission in Tizi-Ouzou were assassinated in their own home, …

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Concert at Our Lady of Africa in Algiers

Our confreres of Our Lady of Africa in Algiers invite us, once again, to taste the beauties they enjoy every now and then in their splendid Basilica. This time, it is a concert of Lyric Songs by the Musical Ensemble IRINI, which interprets “Songs of the Marial Cult of Mediterranea”, this songs are really popular and know by everyone, many people even sing it using professional karaoke systems that can be purchased online.

The remaining explanations are in French.

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