Malaria treatment fails in four patients in the UK

A key malaria treatment has failed for the first time in patients being treated in the UK, doctors say. The drug combination was unable to cure four patients, who had all visited Africa, in early signs the parasite is evolving resistance. A team at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said it was too early to panic. But it warned things could suddenly get worse and demanded an urgent appraisal of drug-resistance levels in Africa.

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Our confrere Andreas Göpfert share his expertise in Peacebuilding.

The English JPIC promoters met in their January monthly meeting at the UISG offices as usual to reflect on opportunities available to be artisans of peace. Our presenter Andreas Göpfert, MAfr has a background of studies in peacebuilding and extensive experience in conducting workshops on nonviolence in parts of West Africa.

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Missionaries of Africa – Bishop Lacoursiere House


Lacoursière House - Uganda
View from our land at Kitabi

Dear Friends, we thank the Lord who inspired Archbishop Paul Bakyenga to donate to the Missionaries of Africa 10 acres of Land to build up our permanent “ home “ in his Diocese – Mbarara.

This land is being registered in the name of “The Registered Trustees of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa ( White Fathers )” Continue reading “Missionaries of Africa – Bishop Lacoursiere House”

The Catholic Church and Alcoholism

Pope Francis, has given a very powerful message to the world in connection to the year of mercy which is just ending. He understands human fragility and he says that “we are all weak and wounded by all sorts of things.” Focusing on family life, he says there is no wife or husband who is not weak, that is why we all depend upon God’s mercy to be healed and forgiven. Continue reading “The Catholic Church and Alcoholism”