Chapter Communication – 16th June 2022

Chapter Communication - 16 June 2022

We are in the very last stage of the Chapter 2022. There are only a few hours and a few tasks left to do. Those tasks consist of making the clarifications required during the appreciative (orientation) vote in view of the final vote. 

In fact, the capitulants are responsible for voting on the work and sharing of the last four weeks. This task began at the beginning of the week. Today, there were 10 texts read in preparation for voting, 13 appreciative (orientation) votes and 8 final votes.

During the breaks, several capitulants joined the confreres and the family of our confrere Michael Mawelera in following on the link the funeral taking place in Mbeya. They have united our hearts and prayers for the repose of our confrere Michael Mawelera. May the Lord grant him his peace, joy, love, confirm the apostolate he accomplished throughout his missionary life and grant him forgiveness.

N.B.: I believe that tomorrow will be the end of the chapter work. Do not be surprised if you do not receive a communication. The Eucharist closing the chapter will be on Sunday morning and I will send some news of it. 

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