Creation time 2020

Dear confreres,

Each year, from September 1 to October 4, the Christian family unites to celebrate the SEASON OF CREATION through prayer and action for the protection of our common home.

This year’s theme is JUBILEE FOR THE EARTH. We invite you to consider the integral relationship between rest for the earth and ecological, economic, social, and political ways of living.

For your preparation, we are already sending you some important information that may inspire you. The available sources are:

  • CELEBRATION GUIDE 2020 of SEASON of CREATION (Download the PDF at the bottom of the following frame)

In the document, you will find:

    • additional information;
    • ecumenical prayer service (p.15ss);
    • questionnaire to facilitate the reflection (p.25ss);
    • proposals for initiatives (p.26-34)

On this website, which is maintained by congregations and institutes of religious women and men from all over the world, you will have access to downloadable tools! You can even share your own documents, tools and implemented activities.

« Take action for Creation! »: We encourage you to register and announce on this site the events and activities you are organizing!

  • “SEASON OF CREATION” is also part of the special programme for the “LAUDATO SI year 2020/21” launched to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the encyclical letter “LAUDATO SI”:

There are so many opportunities to engage together where we are, where we live, work and pray.

Let us celebrate together the SEASON OF CREATION in 2020 !

May the Holy Spirit show us the way !


Andreas Göpfert

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