Feast of Our Lady of Africa

The feast of Our Lady of Africa is celebrated every year on the 30th of April. This feast if a Solemnity in North Africa and, of course, a major Solemnity for all the Missionaries of Africa.

Unfortunately, the feast is so little known elsewhere that it can be very difficult to find the texts for the celebration of Mass for the Solemnity.  

The Coordination of JPIC-ED of the General House of the Missionaries of Africa in Rome has prepared five documents for the use of any community, which wants to celebrate the Solemnity.

In English:

Feast of Our Lady, Mother of Africa – Texts to celebrate the Mass

Feast of Our Lady of Africa – Universal Prayer

In French:

Fête de Notre-Dame d’Afrique – Les textes de la messe

Fête de Notre-Dame d’Afrique – La prière universelle

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