Frans Bouwen honorary member of Pro Oriente

Honorary member of PRO ORIENTE

On Monday, the 18th November 2019, our confrere Frans Bouwen received a certificate of honorary membership of the Austrian Foundation Pro Oriente, as a award for his involvement in Ecumenism. The reception took place at the Austrian Hospice in the Old Jerusalem, a few hundred meters away from St. Anne.  Here is how PRO ORIENTE defines itself:

For 50 years, PRO ORIENTE has passionately pursued – in the spirit of Cardinal Franz König – one grand, common aim: bringing Christians from the East and West closer together. It does this with a very small team and constantly scarce resources, and with the support of some 180 honorary helpers.
This is the aim of PRO ORIENTE and all those who have accompanied and supported us along the way. Much has been achieved, confidence and an atmosphere of brother- and sisterhood have been established, and prejudices have been overcome.

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